The end – no further invented nonsense

he came to my house to leave some rubbish..the end of it all ….I’m getting quite afraid so holly and David have stayed with me this week.

phone call – usual old crap next day / 2 days later.

Luckily I didn’t get his vile mail comparing me to Tracey until later on. He always insults me one way or other.

Now can recover again.

Now a drama, he is claiming his gf got a letter like mine ? Convienient but I fell for it until holly pointed out his lying. Not getting dragged in any more. The police are chaecking on his BP also a lie ? He was wrong last time I saw him, I don’t believe he has no memory of that now. Another lie probably. He is ill though and he should be treated for the sake of kara if body else. I think the damage to her is done unfortunately.


correction required

A correction I need to make, I said he is not needy so why did he want this relationship with me. He is the most needy person ive ever met.

As the ‘other woman’ he demanded to know if I loved him last week, scary out of the blue statement which I defected. To be told it was the wrong answer again.

He is online, he is engaged, he is recycling me – needy is an understatement which I did not see because he was aloof (predating)

Just remember – no empathy.

pof I’m not enough.

not comfortable with intimacy,.




im not responsible for your choices

tefuse to talk about yourself  and choices

Be understood



What do I do With Npd semi single

Moron dangerous is still on my tail.

i must keep this going for as long as it takes, he is active online with grooming women so he is likely to find one soon, I hope he likes her.

His latest is held on the subs bench as predicted by my reading about this disorder.

The cheating is outrageous, no loyalty or care to any of us. When he was with his favourite of us he was grooming me. I was not aware of her, he loved her he told me when I was triangulated with the mythology & was disappointed when I saw her (ordinary) . hope the newer one hasn’t been triangulated with me, I’d prefer it was the myth she heard about night after night.

Its a very tricky time for his rage due to his semi single status, anniversary and lack of me jumping to ask him out.

March 19th 2015 never forget

just to keep myself on track.

read my old posts from January / February 2015

he was advertising his new relationship on FB March 19th 2015

i was taking valium & very very afraid.

He texted me in March late one night proclaiming love, refused my calls in January / February.

So happy he has made himself this big mess. So glad I’m clear on the facts to remind myself using this silly blog which dates my progress & hurt.

I have no intention of using the cheating info to get an apology he’s a psychopath.

i have every intention of remembering how viscous he and dishonest he is when he is sucking me up & hinting about meeting for a drink.

feb 2016 – still hoovering with intent

Feb 2016

just been Valentine’s Day , luckily his odd hoovering & new ‘openness’ is resulting in me be afforded a small window to criticise.

His girlfriend is being held in reserve, he was going to ask if I’d meet up for a drink apparently. Luckily I didn’t see the message so I avoided saying no.

he rang me so that I could listen, I mentioned his gf and he shut down this line, so I listened more.

He likes to tell me how he has discussed me with x y and z at the pub, flattering NO.

Just looked here to remind myself to not be compassionate or waste empathy her.

accidentally offended the narc ¬†relative too, I said no & paid a price but I’m not so caring these days …..

I’m not 100%

updating as a reminder why not to believe.

since July the suck back began on FB. Very mundane I’m not sure how but he was reading my posts. No mention of his new relationship which is all over his FB. Odd.

i blocked him when I reliased he was muddling us (me & newby) up. He invited me to an event for her birthday ? Odd.

next I recieved mail, etc. Worse as I had to see if on my floor. I opened up a spam address for him only, which does nor notify me of contact.

He has declared true love as his latest ploy, and a heart operation to gain pity. I replied saying this is very inappropriate etc. He admitted he is ‘seeing somebody’ but carried on with the fake love crap.

he would like to know what happened in January ?

Well you went psycho and sent me hate mail, surprised he forgot this crucial detail. In tandem he is still romancing newby, she believes they are solid, a real couple.

The lies are proven, he might not be lying to me right now (apart from the love stuff), he will never see that he has proven beyond any doubt that he cheats, lies, has a double life. So how is planning on the switcher oo? Do we all “move on” ignore the facts and live happily ever after fir maybe 5 months, obviously she will kept on as reserve,must in case he breaks me.

finally found an article which states that the narc does not look for codependent folk, they look for vitality and energy, phew being a codependent is just an insult. I’m normal I think, moderate to low self esteem, with some energy on a normal day.